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2002, "King's production" 成立 , 創辦人King On



In 2002, King On founded the "King's production", which is a wedding day photography based company. By the time, King also created Wedding Day album. In addition to filming the wedding day, there are also some commercial shooting.

2003年開始嘗試 Outdoor 婚紗拍攝


2003 began Outdoor wedding photography ...

The location mainly in Macau. In addition of the sense of the city and natural shooting style, which jump off the wedding company general shooting style. By that time, wedding albums are also available for guests to tailor made

2007年,更開始走到外地取景拍攝,例如法國、雪山、紐西蘭、巴賽隆納、日本等不同的地點,為顧客提供更多的選擇,婚紗照的拍攝風格也由華麗轉化到現今的,自然、簡單為主,這也是 King's Production的另一個拍攝的風格。

In 2007, in order to provide more choices for the customers, more foreign location shooting began to come, such as France, snowy mountains, New Zealand, Barcelona, Japan, etc., Shooting style also transformed into today's gorgeous, natural, simple, which is another shooting style of King's Production.

2009, King’s Production更跳出香港,進軍上海,正因為上海是一個高質素的城市,所以King On除了把香港的高品味和高質素的拍攝手法推動到上海這個市場外,也把現今香港流行的,自然、簡單、純以拍出自然自我為主的手法也引入上海。為上海的新人拍出有生命、有感覺、充份流露自已真實一面的相片來。

In 2009, King's Production jumped out of Hong Kong and entered Shanghai, because Shanghai is a high quality city, so King On promoted the high quality and high shooting style into Shanghai market. He also combined the Hong Kong style such as natural, simple and pure to shoot self-oriented approach to Shanghai. The photos full revealing life and the true face of the newly wed.

至今 King’s Production已為超過500間公司、團隊及100,000人提供拍攝造型服務。

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